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Bogotá Graffiti Tour

As one of the top cities in the world for graffiti, quite possibly the best tour in Bogotá is the Bogotá Graffiti Tour. This tour is held twice daily and run by the street artists themselves. Tours are free but donations are suggested.

The tour isn't just about looking at the incredible street art and graffiti in the La Candelaria area. The guide told us the background of nearly each artist and the story behind each piece we visited. He also gave us a history of the area as we walked past important landmarks.

As the tour progressed, we were able to see more and more amazing works of art, finishing with some of the more political pieces. The guide explained the symbolism behind each political work.

The tour lasts about 2 ½ hours but the time flies by because you are always anticipating what's around the next corner.

Make sure you take time out for the Bogotá Graffiti Tour on the Colombia Essentials or Complete Colombia tours, or by adding Bogotá to any customized tour with Paisadventure.

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