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Cascadas de Juan Curí

Cascadas de Juan Curí are a series of waterfalls about 30 minutes south of San Gil. You can access the waterfall and swimming hole from a trail starting at Parque Ecológico Cascadas de Juan Curí.

To get to the waterfall and swimming hole, you have to walk down an easy 2km trail from the entrance. The trail is mostly flat along a stone path until you get closer to the waterfall. Signs along the way report your progress. At the end of the trail you come to the waterfall. There's a small section where you have to climb up a few steep stone steps using a rope.

Once up the steps, you've finally reached the waterfall and plunge pool. It's not the entire waterfall but just a section of it. You can take a dip in the plunge pool if you wish. The water is ice cold but refreshing!

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