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Quindío Botanical Garden

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

#Colombia is the second most biodiverse country in the world behind Brazil. It ranks #1 in orchid and bird diversity; #2 in plants, butterflies, amphibians, and fresh water fish; #3 in palms and reptiles; and #4 in mammals.

A great place to learn about the country's #biodiversity is the Quindío Botanical Garden in Calarcá. Not too far from the city of Armenia in the beautiful Coffee Region, the garden features diverse plant and bird life as well as a mariposario (butterfly house). #Paisadventure guests often tell us that their visit to the garden was one of the highlights of their tour.

A 2 ½ hour guided tour takes you on an easy trail through the grounds. You'll learn about some of the unique plant life on the grounds and cross a suspension bridge to visit a birdwatching area.

An observation tower gives you a bird's eye view of the mariposario, which is shaped like a #butterfly.

Before visiting the mariposario, there are a few museums to walk through, including one about geology and another about insects.

Finally, the highlight for many visitors is a walk through the mariposario, where they can get up close and personal with several of the butterfly species found in Colombia.

You can visit the Quindío Botanical Garden on one of our pre-planned tours that pass through the Coffee Region, our Nature + Culture day trip, or you can add it to any customized tour.

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