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San Andrés and Providencia

Did you know Colombia has Caribbean islands? San Andrés and Providencia sit in the Caribbean Sea near Nicaragua. These islands feature white sand beaches with clear blue water.

San Andrés and Providencia also have their own distinct culture that makes you feel as if you're in Jamaica rather than Colombia. The locals speak a dialect of English rather than Spanish and listen to reggae rather than reggaeton. You can take a tour of San Andrés to learn more about the history and culture of the islands.

On San Andrés: Take a day trip to Acuario for snorkeling and Johnny Cay for one of the best beaches. Rent a golf cart to explore the island on your own. Drink a coco loco on the beach at Rocky Cay Bay, which has fewer tourists and calmer water. You can even see shipwrecks in the distance.

Getting to Providencia is a little harder. It's a short flight north of San Andrés, less developed, and receives fewer visitors - perfect if you want to get away from it all.

Add San Andrés and Providencia to any customized tour and let Paisadventure take care of the rest.

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