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With 6 private pre-planned travel packages for you to choose from, ranging anywhere from 5 days to a month, we've done most of the thinking for you - all you've got to do is choose your adventure. And regardless of where we go or how long you stay, here's what you can expect from traveling with us:

More included. More options.

In other words, no constantly digging into your pockets to pay for things you thought were included. Less out-of-pocket costs on your trip means you won't have to worry if you have enough cash for that excursion to the beach in Cartagena, the entertaining tour on a family-owned coffee plantation near Salento, or those cool souvenirs you actually want to buy.

Groups of no more than eight

We don't deal in bulk. The capacity for all of our trips is only 8 people. And they're 100% private. This means more personalized and individual service, more time to visit places on the itinerary, more flexibility with the schedule, and no overcrowded buses wasting time waiting for 2 or 3 stragglers. Want to stay an extra hour at the hot springs in Santa Rosa? Want to have another beer before leaving Getsemaní in Cartagena? Need to sleep in the next morning after climbing the 700+ steps at El Peñol? No problem!

Better sleep quality

We want you to get a good night's rest. That's why for our Comfort tours, we've carefully selected our favorite B&Bs and boutique hotels all over Colombia in order to give you the most comfortable stay possible. No nights in Medellín where it sounds like the party is in your room. No beds in Bogotá that sink like the Titanic. No ice-cold showers on that chilly morning in Salento.

Better Meals

Eating should be one of the highlights of visiting a new country. We encourage our guests to experience the local cuisine as much as possible. Wherever meals are included, we've hand-picked some of the best places to grab a bite to eat. Even better - you can choose anything off the menu. 

Your tour leaders = Paisadventure's owners

You will be with the owners of the company for nearly the entire trip, except for a few excursions and tours when a local guide is required. You won't have to get to know a new guide in every location. If you have a special request or an important issue to deal with, you can ask us directly without having to wait for a guide to contact a corporate office somewhere in Dallas or London.

Experience over agenda

You won't be dealing with guides who only spew out facts and information and are more worried about their own agenda. Think of it as a visit with friends showing you around their country. And we will NEVER take you to a local artisan shop for a "demonstration" just to get a cut of the action.

One adventure at a time

You are our most important guests. Your tour is the only tour we're running while you're in Colombia.

Your experience benefits the locals

Our office and operations are based right here in Colombia and a portion of your tour package goes to a local foundation supporting marginalized Colombian students.

Bottom line: You'll get a culturally immersive experience with a high level of service all while flying under the radar.

Peruse our pre-planned trips HERE and get ready to dine, unwind, and discover the Colombian way ... because, otherwise, what's the point of leaving home?

  • More included, so you have more cash to buy that colorful handmade hammock in Cartagena.

  • More flexibility, so you can enjoy that cocktail in Medellín a little longer

  • We stay in B&Bs and boutique hotels, so you can get a more personal and enjoyable experience

  • Only 8 max per group, so you can fly under the radar and don't have to endure a big crowded bus

  • A portion of your trip goes to aiding local students, so you know you're helping Juan and Daniela get what they need for school.

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