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1. What does "Paisadventure" mean?
Paisadventure is a combination of the words "Paisa" and "Adventure". A "Paisa" is a person from Colombia's coffee growing departments of Caldas, Quindío, Risaralda, and Antioquia. They're warm-hearted and friendly people with a great sense of humor and a zest for life. Our specialty is tour packages in the Paisa region 

where we're based, but we offer tour packages to other parts of Colombia as well (we know the country inside-out). We invite you to discover Colombia on your own Paisadventure!

2. Is it safe to travel in Colombia?

Yes! Colombia has had a difficult past and the media has given it a terrible reputation, but the situation has dramatically improved. Colombia is an open and inviting country that is happy to accept visitors from all over the world. There is ongoing conflict in certain pockets of the country, but we never go anywhere that has been deemed unsafe for travel.

3. Do I need travel insurance?

As a courtesy, we provide complimentary travel insurance through Colasistencia, Colombia's top travel insurance provider, on all tours. Click here to see coverage details. If you prefer, you can decline Colasistencia's coverage and use your own trusted insurance provider.


4. Where will we stay?
For Comfort tours, we've carefully selected our favorite B&Bs and boutique hotels all over Colombia in order to give our guests a more personal and enjoyable experience - and a good night's sleep! For Basic tours, we'll stay in business class hotels, cabanas, traditional fincas, lodges, or simple hotels with basic amenities. Based on the number of guests, we book double and triple rooms. Because of limited availability in the hotels we support, you'll know where you're staying after the booking process is complete.

5. How will we travel?
We use private transportation (because trust us - you don't want to sit in a cramped public bus for 6 hours without air conditioning). For smaller groups, we use our spacious Ford Explorer. For larger groups, we travel in comfortable vans and minibuses with our trusted drivers. During some excursions, public transportation including city buses, jeeps, taxis, vans, metro, and the occasional motorcycle may also be used (we'll let you know well ahead of time).

6. Who are we traveling with?
We know how important it is to enjoy the company of the other people on your tour as much as the destination. All of our tours are private, so who you travel with is up to you. Bring your best friends, your favorite family members, and even kids are welcome.

7. How’s the food?

Colombian food is delicious! Each region has it’s own specialties that we encourage you to try. Meat lovers and vegetarians will both enjoy what Colombia has to offer, and some of the restaurants we visit are listed in the itineraries. If you're not satisfied with food, there's always international cuisine or (gulp) fast food.

8. What should I wear?

The climate in Colombia varies from region to region. It can vary from hot and humid to cool and comfortable to rainy and windy. Your itinerary will give you a better idea of what you need to wear depending on where you're visiting, but our suggestion is to dress comfortably, bring good walking shoes, and always be prepared for rain.

Helena Adentro

9. How much extra money do we need to bring?

What kind of souvenirs do you want to take home? Your trip itinerary will give you an idea of what’s included and what’s not, including meals. Bring enough for that colorful hammock from Cartagena or a few bags of coffee from that finca in Salento, that night out dancing in Medellín, and that art museum you want to visit during your free time in Bogotá. And don't forget your other personal expenses in addition to the suggested amount for extra meals.

10. Can I use a credit card? Are there ATMs?

Many places in rural Colombia do not accept credit cards, so it’s a good idea to have some extra cash. Credit cards are more widely accepted in larger cities. ATMs are just about everywhere.

11. Do I need a yellow fever vaccination? What about malaria pills?

Probably not. Most visitors to Colombia only travel to areas with an extremely low risk of yellow fever or malaria. High risk areas include the Amazon, Los Llanos, and parts of Chocó. Low to medium risk areas include Santa Marta, Tayrona National Park, and La Guajira. If any of those places are on your itinerary, a

yellow fever vaccination is recommended at least 10 days before traveling, and it's a good idea to take malaria pills. In any case, please check with your home country's travel advice for their suggestions.

12. Should I worry about zika and chikungunya?

Zika and chikungunya are scary mosquito-borne illnesses, but the fact is, the overwhelming majority of both Colombians and travelers are never affected by either. In fact, the zika epidemic was declared over in July 2016. It’s still a good idea to use insect repellant, and anyone pregnant or planning on having a baby should consult with a doctor and check their home country’s travel advice before traveling to Colombia.

Botanical Garden
Graffiti in Cartagena

13. Is it easy stay connected? Should I get an international wireless package?

We understand how important it is to keep in touch with family, friends and work while you're away from home. Every hotel will have free Wi-Fi and we even provide a modem so you can stay connected while we're on the road. Whether you just HAVE to post that amazing picture you just took in Cartagena or need to respond to important work emails, we'll do our best to keep you connected.


14.I'm ready to book! When can I come?
You can automatically book one of our pre-planned tour packages or day trips directly on our website or you can contact us to plan a customized tour.

15. I've booked a tour but I'm having a hard time finding a flight. Can you help?
Just ask us and we'll be happy to help find the best options to get you to Colombia and back home.

16. What if I only need transportation or help booking hotels?

Sorry! We're only licensed to provide full tour packages.

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