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You weren't meant to go on bi-annual Caribbean cruises, reserve timeshares in places like Orlando or Cancún, or visit faraway places only to never leave your resort. Neither were we. That's why we created Paisadventure - for world travelers who love being the tourist but can't stand feeling like one.

Having limited our trips to a maximum of 8 people, we're able to fly under the radar while exploring everything from colonial towns that'll make you feel as though you've stepped back in time to remote valleys that'll have you wondering if there might actually be some truth behind all of those childhood fables.

Round up your usual travel buddies as you spend a week (or 3) with us on any of our private pre-planned or 100% customizable adventures that'll have you planning your next trip to Colombia before you even leave.

All you have to worry about is getting there.

Beach at Tayrona National Park
Jericó, Colombia

With your tour leaders (Nick, a native English speaker who has traveled extensively in 44 countries, and Marisol, a Colombian who knows the inside scoop from having lived her entire life in the country), not only will you visit the must-sees straight out of those guidebooks, but you'll veer off the beaten path to experience Colombia from a local's perspective. Whether it's taking part in favorite local past-times, getaways, or customs, we've got you covered:

Is beach hopping your thing? Imagine yourself sipping freshly squeezed juice from exotic fruits you've never heard of on a powdery white sand Caribbean beach that's got more palm trees than people.

Beach on Islas del Rosario

Do you consider yourself a history buff? Picture yourself wandering the winding narrow streets of colonial Cartagena as you take in the colorful architecture and unique characters, wondering about those who paved the path before you almost 500 years ago.

A street in Cartagena, Colombia

Are you a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur? Try collecting coffee right off the tree on a plantation owned by the same family for several generations, then rewarding yourself (and your taste buds) with a cup of their signature blend that's been roasted, ground, and brewed before your very eyes ... giving a whole new meaning to "from seed to cup".

Coffee in Colombia

Do you dig staying active outdoors? Visualize this: Hiking in the Valle de Cocora. Amongst the clouds. With hundreds of wax palms towering overhead. Feeling as though you've discovered another planet.

Valle de Cocora

Know you'll crave a "city fix"? How about you show off your new salsa skills alongside the locals in Medellín's hottest clubs until the sun peeks over the imposing Andes Mountains on the horizon.

Medellín Colombia

Trade in the 9 to 5 monotony for a week (or two ... or three ...) to explore a country in the hands-on way that most people won't.

And you can even put down the guidebooks because we've already put together 6 epic private trips for you to choose from. Once you've done that, the only thing you need to concern yourself with is booking the flight, and we'll take care of the rest.

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