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Hacienda El Salitre

Updated: Jul 22, 2018

Hacienda El Salitre is a historic villa dating back to 1736. Now serving as a boutique hotel, it's historically significant because it was used as a temporary headquarters for Simón Bolívar during the independence campaign of Nueva Granada (now Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, and Panama).

Located near the city of Paipa, Hacienda El Salitre is worth a visit even if you aren't staying at the hotel. The staff will be happy to show you around the grounds and let you see the rooms. You can also take advantage of the natural hot springs by taking a dip in the pool or eating at the excellent restaurant.

Walk around the beautiful grounds, which are paved with large stones, and sit on the patio to enjoy a drink. The reading room is a quiet place to sit and relax and also has games. The restaurant serves regional and international cuisine, and a spa is also available for massages and treatments.

There are 24 guest rooms including two suites. One of the suites served as Simón Bolívar's bedroom while the other features a private thermal bath with water pumped in directly from the natural hot springs.

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