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Popayán's Unique Delicacies

As a UNESCO City of Gastronomy, one can't visit Popayán without trying its unique local cuisine. The locals sent us to Mora Castilla, a small and simple restaurant in the historic city center that many regard as the best place to sample payanés delicacies.

We started with tamales de pipián, which are made with cornmeal and potato and served with a spicy peanut sauce, similar to what you would find in Thai cooking. They were accompanied by salpicón payanés, a frozen concoction of mora (blackberries) with some lulo and guanabana mixed in.

Next came empanadas de pipián. These tiny empanadas came 10 to an order, were filled with potatoes, and served with the same spicy peanut sauce.

Finally, we finished off by sampling carantantas. They were like very thin corn tortillas and were served with hogao, a Colombian sauce made with tomatoes, onions, and garlic sautéed together.

Everything we tried was excellent, and we encourage our guests to try the local cuisine on any visit to Popayán.

Visit Popayán on our Complete Colombia tour, or add it to any customized tour.

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