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Villa de Leyva

The cobblestone streets of the historic center of Villa de Leyva are a great place to wander around. Start at scenic Plaza Mayor, which is one of the largest plazas in Latin America and the largest that's made with cobblestones.

Visit Casa Quintero, Casona La Guaca, and Casa de Juan de Castellanos - three restored mansions holding gourmet restaurants and shops selling local crafts, jewelry, and souvenirs. All of them are on or near Plaza Mayor.

Walk through history at Casa Museo Antonio Nariño, which pays homage to one of Colombia's most important historic figures. Antonio Nariño (1765-1824) sparked an independence from Spain by translating the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen into Spanish. He lived the last two months of his life in the house before a lung infection took his life at the age of 58.

Casa Museo Luis Alberto Acuña is an art museum and was the home of Colombian artist Luis Alberto Acuña (1904-1993) for the last 15 years of his life. He was one of Colombia's most important artists.

Check out the Real Fábrica de Licores which was the first official distillery in Colombia. It features a 17th century Spanish coat of arms above the door.

Villa de Leyva isn't just a town to spend a day in. There are several attractions nearby such as a paleontology lab, a dinosaur fossil, a historic monastery, vineyards offering wine tastings and tours, and a few interesting small towns each with their own local specialty.

Visit Villa de Leyva with Paisadventure on our Best of Boyacá and Complete Colombia tours, or add it to any customized tour package.

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