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Coffee Backroads

Updated: May 2, 2018

Our newest day trip in the Coffee Region is for those who want to get off the typical tourist track. If you prefer a more authentic and relaxed experience, this is the tour for you.

The first stop is the tiny town of Buenavista, which is home to Café San Alberto. You'll be treated to a private coffee experience among the most incredible views in the entire Coffee Region. Walk through the plantation and learn everything there is to know about coffee, from the producers of Colombia's most award-winning coffee. The experience takes about 3 hours, and when you finish you'll be an expert on coffee.

Next stop is lunch at Mirador Café Concorde. Enjoy a traditional Colombian meal with another amazing view.

The final stop for the day is the relatively unknown town of Pijao. It's got all the colorful traditional buildings that made Salento famous but without the tourists or souvenir shops.

If you haven't had enough caffeine, pop into Café La Floresta for another excellent cup of coffee.

The tour includes lunch, private transportation, and the coffee experience.

Click here to see prices and availability!

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