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Punta Gallinas

Punta Gallinas is the northernmost point of Colombia and the continent of South America. It's located in the desert peninsula of La Guajira, home of the indigenous Wayúu people.

At Punta Gallinas, you'll find a lighthouse that was built in 1989. There's also the Dunas de Taroa. These tall sand dunes seem to go on forever, when you reach the top, there's a steep drop to one of the most scenic beaches you could imagine.

It's not safe to swim, but chances are you'll have the entire beach to yourself. Take a long walk to the far end of the beach and enjoy the scenery!

Other highlights at Punta Gallinas include a sunset cruise on Bahía Hondita, where you can see hundreds of pink flamingos, and the swimming beach at Punta Aguja. A sea turtle sanctuary is also a popular stop.

Visit Punta Gallinas by adding a 5 day excursion to La Guajira to any customized tour.

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