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Cali Zoo

One of the best attractions in the city of Cali is the zoo. Zoológico de Cali is the best zoo in Colombia and regarded as one of the best in South America. It has a small collection of animals from Asia and Africa but it focuses on animals native to Colombia which sets it apart from other zoos. You'll see tapirs and capybaras rather than elephants and giraffes.

The zoo is very well organized into different stations. At some stations, employees are there to answer questions about the animals.

There are food and drink stands throughout the zoo and a food court near the entrance. It takes about three hours to see everything in the zoo and have a quick lunch at the end. It gets very hot in Cali so we recommend getting there as early as possible to beat the heat.

The first animals to see in the zoo are flamingos and fish. The aquarium is housed in a beautiful tiled building with a waterfall and koi pond out front. Most of the fish are from the Amazonas region, including piranhas.

Next is an aviary containing exotic birds such as Andean condors and parrots, followed by the primate house, which contains a few species of monkeys native to Colombia.

The reptile section has some of the largest crocodiles you'll ever see and a snake house with a few venomous snakes, pythons, and boas.

After visiting a small section with African animals, it's possible to see more species from Colombia. Tapirs, anteaters, and capybaras as well as butterflies and owls can be seen.

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