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National Aviary

Don't have the time to go birdwatching? Aviario Nacional (National Aviary) is Colombia's premier bird sanctuary. It features over 1,800 birds from 138 different species and is the largest aviary in the Americas. It's the best place to see some of Colombia's rarest birds in one place.

The aviary is located just under an hour from Cartagena on Isla Barú (near the entrance to Playa Blanca) and makes for a great half day trip (or a full day with the afternoon on the beach).

Aviario Nacional has a pleasant trail that runs through several different habitats represented in Colombia. Two hours is recommended to enjoy it to the fullest. There's also a bird show near the end of the trail. Two cafés are along the trail and there's a gift shop at the end.

Among the birds on display are harpy eagles, Andean condors, several species of parrots, toucans, flamingos, and more. Species are listed in both Spanish and English with a map of where they can be found in Colombia and what they eat.

Visit the Aviario Nacional with Paisadventure on any of our tours passing through Cartagena, or add Cartagena to any customized tour.

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