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Feria de las Flores

The first week of every August, Medellín comes to life with the Feria de las Flores (Festival of Flowers). The entire city is abuzz during this week-long festival full of special events, classic car shows, concerts, flower exhibitions, and parties. It culminates with a parade featuring hundreds of flower arrangements carried on the backs of silleteros (porters), who prepare the floats the night before the parade in the village of Santa Elena. The festival has been a part of Medellín's cultural heritage since 1957.

Our favorite event is at Santa Elena, where you can walk from house to house to see the floats being prepared for the parade the next day. Street vendors sell food and drinks along the route and some houses even throw huge parties with live music and dancing. The real highlight is seeing the silleteros put the finishing touches on their colorful floats using hundreds and sometimes thousands of different flowers.

Enjoy the Feria de las Flores with Paisadventure by booking a customized tour passing through Medellín the first week of August.

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