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Camino Real: Barichara to Guane

If visiting Barichara, a great activity that will get your blood pumping is to hike the Camino Real to the village of Guane. It's a relatively easy 9km stone path that takes about two hours one-way from Barichara.

Camino Real is an ancient path built by the indigenous Guane people. It was rebuilt in 1864 by German engineer Geo von Lengerke and is considered a national monument. The path was rebuilt again in 1996.

The beginning of the path in Barichara is at the edge of the western side of town. It starts with a steep descent down the ridge, and some stunning views before crossing the main road for the first time.

The path starts to level off a bit but the scenery stays beautiful. It crosses the road again for the second and final time after about 10 minutes of walking.

From there, it's about an hour or 90 minutes before reaching Guane, depending on how fast you walk. There are a couple of fincas along the way selling drinks and ice cream to help cool you down.

Finally, on the last stretch of the path you'll see Guane appearing in the distance. It's only a few minutes until you enter the village.

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