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Chicamocha Canyon

One of Colombia's most spectacular natural areas is Chicamocha Canyon, located between the cities of San Gil and Bucaramanga. The best place to see the canyon is at Chicamocha National Park.

Other than amazing views of the canyon, there are plenty of activities for visitors. The best is a cable car ride down the canyon, across the river, and up the other side. In addition, you can practice extreme sports, ride on ATVs, or cool off in the water park. For children, there's a small zoo with ostriches, a 4D theatre, and a playground.

Several restaurants are located at the park, some serving local cuisine. A museum displays artifacts from the Guane people who once lived in the area. A huge monument to the history of the Santander department is the centerpiece of the path to the lookout point.

You can visit Chicamocha Canyon with Paisadventure on any customized tour or as an extension to our Boyacá Essentials tour.

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