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Tourists in Bogotá often flock to Zipaquirá to see the Salt Cathedral (Catedral de Sal), but did you know there's another salt mine to visit? In Nemocón, you can see some amazing stuff underground without all the tourists.

While the Salt Cathedral offers entertaining light shows, a 3D movie, and underground tax-free shopping, at Nemocón you get a more authentic and educational experience. The highlight for many is seeing the beautiful reflecting pools.

A tour of the mine lasts about 90 minutes with one of the excellent English-speaking guides. It's less rushed, less touristy, less crowded, and more intimate.

For a more complete experience, we recommend making a quick visit to Zipaquirá in the morning, having lunch, then spending the afternoon in Nemocón. Some of our guests prefer Zipaquirá while others prefer Nemocón, but all have enjoyed both. They're two very different experiences - both with something unique to offer.

Visit Nemocón on our Complete Colombia tour, or add it to any customized tour package.

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